The energy criteria

Only occupiers that meet three non-negotiable conditions relating to energy use will be allowed to locate to Kettering Energy Park. We call these conditions the Energy Criteria. Find out more about them below.

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The Energy Criteria is a key component of the Energy Park proposals. Standard employment sites are not required to adhere to criteria like this. The criteria have been secured by planning condition to any planning permission and amended so that any employment development must meet all three criteria.


  • Identifies appropriate uses, limited to: Energy Infrastructure and Generation, Automated Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, Research & Development or other operations linked to low/zero carbon sectors; and
  • Stipulates that a minimum of 50% of energy demand from operations within the new unit to be provide by the on-site renewable energy generation (ability for 100% to be provided); and
  • Every Unit will have a minimum power supply based on the ratio of 1MW per 100,000 sq ft / 9,290 sq m. (defines High Energy User)

Following consultation, the Energy Criteria has been amended so that proposed Employment development will need to meet all three Criteria, rather than just two