Learn more about the benefits to kettering

jobs, skills and funds

  • 4,000 jobs in a variety of sectors
  • 120 – 200 of these jobs through Advanced Agriculture
  • Skills and Training programmes including apprenticeships, work placements and outreach programmes
  • Education partnerships to spread the benefits of the Energy Park
  • Works to improve sustainable travel and improve public access
  • Community fund to benefit the local area
  • Funding of improvements to problematic highways junctions


  • £6m rates anticipated every year
  • £500m private investment into infrastructure and construction (No public financing)


  • Total of 100 acres of new landscape optimised for biodiversity
  • 40 acres of this landscaping specifically for Biodiversity Net Gain
  • 3 ha designated for lapwings
  • Net increase in hedgerows
  • 1,400 new trees ( 90 removed)