To your concerns

We have listened to feedback and evolved the scheme in response. Amongst other changes, there will be less warehousing and more biodiversity net gain. See the table below for more.

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evolving the scheme

in response to feedback

Scale of DevelopmentExplored potential to create circa 390,000 sq m of new employment spaceThe employment floorspace has decreased by circa 22% to
302,000 sq m
The Proposed UsesProposed split of 70:30 for B8 and B2 uses.
Proposed B8 has been reduced by 44%
to no more than 50%, and occupiers
must meet all three energy criteria
Landscape and Visual ImpactMaximum building heights upto 30mMaximum building heights reduced to 25m. Units opposite the roundhouse to be reduced further
BiodiversityInitial target of at least 10% Biodiversity Net Gain.50% increase in biodiversity net gain targeting 15%
Highways & TransportPrevious modelling work identified that the network could accommodate the development traffic, with local improvementsReduced floorspace means fewer traffic movements but local improvements will still be funded
The extent and reach of consultationInitial consultation between Nov 2022 and May 2023, including: website launch, meetings with local councillors and stakeholders, public exhibitionAdditional consultation to be carried out with local councillors, stakeholders and members of the community across 2024