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Co-location eliminates transmission losses, increasing efficiency

Between 50% and 100% of occupiers’ energy needs will be met by renewables at the park

Waste heat and water produced by some occupiers can be diverted to the hydroponic farms, making them even more sustainable

Co-location allows the cost of developing the energy park’s vital infrastructure to be shared amongst the occupiers

The Energy Park Concept


Will we deliver

KEttering energy Park


The Energy Park proposals will be subject to a planning application, which is due to be submitted later this year, The application will follow the principles set out in the Masterplan which has been informed by the public consultation

The consented 40MW solar farm will enhance energy security

The consent for advanced agriculture will boost food security

The Energy Criteria will form a planning condition for any planning permission controlling the type of business allowed to come to the site

We’re also responding to local concerns…

Maximum building height reduced from 30m to 25m

22.5% reduction in sq ft allocated for employment to 302,000 sq m

Reduced the proportion of warehouse/B8 uses to no more than 50%

Increased space for more energy infrastructure


The success of the energy park will be secured by private sector partners investing in…

A new Grid connection

Solar farms

Battery storage

Additional energy infrastructure

Community fund to spread the benefits