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Energy Security

Energy security is so important the government has created a department to pursue it, The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

To achieve energy security, we must end reliance on imported fossil fuels and replace them with cheaper, cleaner, renewable alternatives.

Net zero and energy security are intrinsically linked: we will achieve energy security through the renewables that combat climate change.

Economic Security

Domestically produced renewable energy will combat climate change and lower and stabilise prices, creating the right environment for sustainable growth.

The Green-tech revolution will create opportunities for new businesses, bringing high-value jobs and investment to areas that invest in it.

Economically and environmentally sustainable growth will depend on schemes like Kettering Energy Park offering affordable renewable energy to high-energy users.

Food Security

The UK imports 48% of its food.

Food shortages are alarmingly likely this year due to supply chain fragility, climate change and global conflicts.

Hydroponic vertical farms, of the kind planned for KEP, can produce between 50 and 100 times more food per square foot than traditional methods.

Environmental Security

KEP will make local eco-systems more diverse and resilient

New hedgerows will be provided to replace any lost, and will use selected native species to improve biodiversity

KEP can be negative zero, supplying surplus energy for the National Grid

Lapwing breeding grounds will be protected

The scheme will use sustainable urban drainage