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Kettering Energy Park is located to the east of Burton Latimer, adjacent to the Burton Wold Wind Farm. It offers one of the best opportunities in the UK for businesses to benefit from on-site renewable energy and meet the Government's ambitious 68% reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions. Its mix of wind and solar power at such a scale is almost unprecedented and every business at the Energy Park will be able to meet up to 100% of their energy needs from the on-site renewable infrastructure.

North Northamptonshire have declared a Climate Change and Environment Emergency and there is a clear need to improve energy security and provide greater price stability for businesses and indeed households across the UK. The Energy Park Development directly responds to these issues.

As importantly, the scheme will also raise the standard for low impact, ecologically sensitive development and will exceed national standards for biodiversity net gain.

Kettering Energy Park represents the future of commercial development for a green economy.


An Energy Park is a development that can deliver integrated, constant, renewable, low carbon energy directly to businesses and commercial uses to help the transition to a carbon neutral economy and society.

The Energy Park will co-locate businesses and complementary uses that support the transition to net zero or have high energy demands to make efficient use of the renewable energy sources at the site in a well landscaped setting that enhances biodiversity. Excess energy generated at the site can be fed into the National Grid to provide energy to other areas, whilst additional energy infrastructure can be provided, such as battery storage and extensions to the solar pv, to further increase the supply of renewable energy and improve resilience in the National Grid.

The need for such facilities is clear, and not just to support sustainable growth in the face of the climate emergency. We now live in a world where volatility of energy supply can lead to price fluctuations extreme enough to damage the national economy. Energy Parks contribute to price stability and security of supply.


On-site biodiversity net gain minimum 10%
On-site solar farm
On-site wind farm
Land led development
Reliable high voltage grid connection
On-site energy storage
Potential for hydroponics
Energy security and diverse supply
High energy use businesses
Energy efficient business premises
Sustainable drainage


A green economy is defined as low carbon, resource efficient, ecologically sensitive and socially inclusive.

In the UK, the government is developing policies around infrastructure, innovation, and investment to enable our economy to grow in a greener, and fairer, way. Our green economy is currently worth about £200 billion and is growing fast.

Kettering Energy Park aims to be at the forefront of this growth. It will play its part in creating sustainable jobs, supporting innovation in the green tech sector and supporting biodiversity.

Green Economy - Kettering Energy Park