Highways and Access

Access to the site is currently via Wold Road from the A510 Thrapston Road. Wold Road is a private road and only provides access to the existing farm at the site. It is proposed that access to the Energy Park will continue to be provided from the A510, through the provision of a new roundabout junction. The new roundabout will be located approximately 240 metres north of Wold Road where the road is relatively flat and good forwards visibility of the new junction is available in both directions.

Kettering Energy Park

Modelling to manage capacity

Discussions about access and highway capacity are progressing with both the Highway Authority and National Highways. This is being informed by detailed and comprehensive traffic modelling of the highway network and key junctions to identify any constraints on the surrounding roads. This includes wider strategic assessment of the impacts as well as localised junction modelling on the A14 and routes to the south, including at Finedon. The modelling is undertaken to take account of background traffic growth and also the cumulative effect of other developments on junctions, such as the proposals for Hanwood Park.

truck on highway

The Energy Park is located in close proximity to Junction 11 of the A14 and it is anticipated that the majority of traffic will use this junction to access the strategic road network, particularly service vehicles and HGV’s that will come to the Energy Park site.

The assessment work will culminate in a detailed Transport Assessment as well as a Travel Plan and Framework Delivery and Service Plan, all of which will support any planning applications.

The assessment assumes the need to ensure that the site can come forward in ways which maximises the use of more sustainable methods of access. This is particularly important to meet overarching Carbon reduction targets and also reduce overall traffic impact. Particular focus is put on providing access for future employees by public transport and cycling. This will be set out in a detailed Travel Plan for the site.


New businesses that come to the Energy Park will be encouraged to support the use of more sustainable modes of transport such as buses and the cycle network to and from the site.