First Renewable is committed to delivering biodiversity through a mixture of measures. First amongst these is to investigate the ecological footprint of the development to create a site-specific mitigation, protection, and enhancement plan.

Biodiversity net gain (increased biodiversity on the site when the development is completed) of 10% is a statutory minimum. To achieve this, most developments resort to off-site compensation. At Kettering, this will be achieved on-site by measures including the following:

  • The planting of wild-flower meadows, and landscaping with trees and shrubs across the site. Species will be selected for their ability to enrich the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Habitats for key species will be created, and shelters will be built for invertebrates, insects, and birds to promote and protect biodiversity.
  • Sustainable urban drainage features such as ponds and drainage channels will also be provided to mitigate the effects of climate change as part of a holistic approach to landscaping and biodiversity.


The approach to biodiversity enhancement aims to not only secure a net gain but to provide strong connections between habitat areas. The landscape proposals within the employment part of the Energy Park will include corridors across the site to link with retained hedgerows in the agricultural areas. These corridors will also connect with the new biodiversity receptor site to the north, where the area currently used for grazing will be made more biodiverse.

The retained agricultural land is now being farmed using Regenerative Farming Practices. This will continue, with stewardship of the land to include field margins for greater biodiversity and retention of hedgerows to provide an enhanced habitat structure with which the Energy Park can integrate.


As global businesses strive to adjust to the demands of net zero, Kettering Energy Park is uniquely well placed to enable them to deliver sustainable value for their customers and investors.

The park will contain facilities designed to attract innovators and pioneers in the green economy, providing capacity to accommodate businesses currently struggling to find space in the Oxford Cambridge arc.

A critical mass of such businesses based here would enable Kettering’s long-term growth as a centre for excellence for sustainable technology and innovation.


The availability of renewable sources of energy, together with large scale grid energy security, will enable businesses with high energy needs to invest long term at Kettering Energy Park.

A key component of the master plan strategy is to allow different types of businesses to benefit from each other’s energy use. So, if we attract an energy dense business (for example in manufacturing or cold storage) they will produce heat as a by-product. This can be used by other businesses, especially those engaged in high tech food production through hydroponics. Attracting businesses which can use the on-site energy production and waste heat from other businesses will be a target of the development over time.


The buildings at Kettering Energy Park will target BREEAM Excellent. They will have the smallest possible embedded carbon footprint, and incorporate the following:


rotating arrow with arrow pointing up icon

Locally sourced sustainable materials

Person working on conveyer belt icon

Off-site efficient manufacturing

Recycle icon above 4 boxes icon

Recycled components aggregate

Recycle icon on top of a bin icon

Recycling of construction waste

Use of unbounded materials icon

Use of unbounded materials

Recycled yarn carpets

Recycled yarn carpets

Considerate Constructors Scheme Icon

Considerate Constructors Scheme


Class A energy certificate icon

Class A energy certificate

Roof lighting icon

15% roof lighting

Lightbulb sensor

LED Sensor lighting

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LED Sensor lighting

High insulation icon

Very high insulation and air tightness


Water harvesting icon

Rainwater harvesting

Water conserving sanity ware icon

Water conserving sanity ware

Water saving taps

Water saving taps

Water leak detection system icon

Water leak detection system